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By Holly on April 14, 2014 • No Comments

Very exciting news and I can’t wait!

By Holly on February 27, 2014 • No Comments

There hasn’t been any news for Bill recently but I have added two scans from last year thanks to Luciana!

Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > 2013 > SFX – Summer

By Luciana on July 13, 2013 • No Comments

I have another update for today: scans of Swedish Film Magazine from 2012, when Bill was in Berlin Film Festival.

Related Link:
Magazine Scans > 2012 > Swedish Film Magazine – Issue #1

By Luciana on July 13, 2013 • No Comments

Hi everybody! Let me introduce, my name is Luciana and you may know me from my website dedicated to Alexander Skarsgård. I will be helping Holly to update here, and to start I have a web screen of a magazine Bill was featured this year, Z Lifestyle. This particular issue featured the ‘Nordic Hollywood Stars‘ and has on cover Bill’s brother Gustaf and their father Stellan as well (you can find it here).

Bill is featured on the ‘Rising Actors’ page with Matias Varela and since I wasn’t able to get a larger version of it, here’s the article transcript:

Rising Actors
The next batch of Scandinavians headed for stardom.

Bill Skarsgård is the fourth eldest son in the Skarsgård clan and the third of Stellan’s children to follow in their father’s footsteps. Stellan claims not to have influenced them, just letting them do what they want in life. Should they, however, want some good advice, they are welcome to ask him.
Bill is 23 years old and has a small part in this spring’s giant production Anna Karenina. We’ll see a lot more of him when the American horror TV series Hemlock Grove, starring actors such as Famke Janssen and Dougray Scott, airs later this year. (*Note – I couldn’t let myself not fix that typo! They had Franke in the article instead of Famke.)
Bill made his film debut at age 10 in the adventure film White Water Fury. After a part in the TV series/film Arn (where both father Stellan and elder brother Gustaf appeared), he landed his first starring role in youth film Kenny Begins in 2009. The following year his performance as Simple Simon was met with great critical acclaim, and he showed us with quite some emphasis that he is here to stay when he starred in Hannes Holm’s drama Himlen är oskyldigt blå.
Bill also starred in Ella Lemhagen’s The Crown Jewels and in Lisa Ohlin’s Simon och ekarna. Even if the film as such has not been very well received, no one has had any criticisms to level at Bill Skarsgård for his acting.
After Anna Karenina and Hemlock Grove, Bill took a note from his father’s playbook and went on to work in Norway. He is the male lead in a remake of Victoria, based on Knut Hamsun’s classic novel.

Bill Skarsgård
Swedish actor
Age: 23
Resides in: Stockholm
Family: Father Stellan, mother My, seven siblings, his father’s new wife Megan.
What: Anna Karenina, Hemlock Grove
Outfit: suit, grey t-shirt, black shoes, all from Filippa K. Belt, his own.

By Holly on July 2, 2013 • No Comments

If you enjoy Bill, please check out our sibling sites dedicated to Gustaf and Alexander, both run by very good friends of mine.

By Holly on July 2, 2013 • No Comments

I have added screencaptures from both Arn films that Bill was in. The Knight Templar caps are courtesy of Rachel over at Gustaf Skarsgard Fan.

Gallery Links:
• Film Productions > 2007: Arn: The Knight Templar > Movie Screencaptures
• Film Productions > 2008: Arn: The Kingdom at the End of the Road > Movie Screencaptures

By Holly on June 19, 2013 • 1 Comment

Couldn’t be happier with this news!

Netflix is heading back to Hemlock Grove.
The streamer announced Wednesday that it has picked up a second season of the horror-thriller, adding Charles “Chic” Eglee as showrunner and executive producer.


By Holly on June 18, 2013 • No Comments

I have added 666 captures of Bill in Behind Blue Skies to our gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
• Film Productions > 2010: Behind Blue Skies > HD Captures

By Holly on May 27, 2013 • No Comments

I have added images to the Vi Stockholm premiere and a few other events as well as added three new events that Bill attended this past week for Cannes. In addition to that I’ve added a portrait session from 2012 that’s a secondary one to the original Shooting Stars session!

Gallery Links:
Appearances and Events > 2013 > The Weinstein Company Party In Cannes Hosted By Lexus
Appearances and Events > 2013 > Visiting Variety Studio
Appearances and Events > 2013 > Mammoth Entertainment and LyonHeartLove Foundation
Photoshoots and Portraits > Portrait Sessions > Shooting Stars #2

By Holly on May 8, 2013 • 1 Comment

Bill was on hand at the Stockholm premiere of “Vi” to support his brother Gustaf and thanks to Rachel, I have added 4 images from the premiere to our gallery!

Gallery Link:
Appearances and Events > 2013 > “Vi” Stockholm Premiere

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